Monday, June 25, 2012

Mad Goat

When the sou'wester slices the cold rain horizontally, I like to sit inside by a fire, though today it's too wet and windy to go outside for wood, so the gas heater warms the house.

It's so miserable that even the ducks huddle inside their shelter.
  And the goats abandon their almost constant grazing for the warmth of their A-frame homes.
 Except one. She is bored. So she rearranges her house. She sits it on top of her water bucket. How?
 What to do next? Climb under the fence, tangle the chain and stand on the edge of the muddy drain, bleating. As you do.
And I have to put on my big yellow raincoat and go sort it all out. Days like this, I think it could be nice to live in a cosy little town-house.

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