Friday, February 17, 2012

A Slow Food Breakfast

So first I feed Bob the Dog because he never hassles me for food. Then the cats because they do.
 Off to see my ducklings and Momma-on-Loan with the little bit of food they don't really need, but love and insist on having. 
They live in the orchard, so that's the place to stop and have instalment one of my breakfast: tree-ripened nectarines. They are small but tastier than any store-bought fruit.
 By the time I have wiped the last of the nectarine juice from my chin and started walking down to the chook run, the ducks have headed for the water for a drink and a swim.
Before I make it to the chooks, I have to stop for instalment two - a crisp nashi or two. Again, small - the indoctrinated voice in my head says, "you should have thinned them months ago and then you'd have bigger fruit" but seriously - why? Does it matter to me that I have 2 or 3 nashi instead of one? Thinning time could be spent on other things - like standing enjoying the view.
After feeding the chooks, wishing they hadn't wrecked the fig tree (several of its branches have been broken off by the chooks perching in the small tree)
my walk takes me along to the luisa plum trees
and I pick a handful.
 Past the beans - so crunchy, raw, straight from the bean-frame.
I admire the bumble bee busy collecting pollen and nectar,
 and the wild carrot flowers just for being so very beautiful.
 I collect a few sprigs of lemon balm,
 nibble a couple of late strawberries
 and head inside for a cup of herb tea
with home grown honey, feeling peacefully and joyfully at one with my slow world.

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