Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Betsy McCall

I've been following a wonderful new blog, Pass It On. Johanna Knox and her friend Emma Levy say, "We realised we were all bursting to talk about the culinary legacies left by loved ones - and it suddenly seemed like an exciting idea to make a blog where inherited recipes could be passed on and special people remembered through those recipes. It's a tribute page with a difference."
Today's recipe was from Johanna's grandmother, a Canadian, and mention was made of paper dolls - which sent me off on a Google journey into my own childhood.

My maternal grandfather's people came to New Zealand in a somewhat convoluted way: Scotland to Canada, where some stayed and some went back to Scotland, where again some stayed and some came to New Zealand. When I was little my mother corresponded with a Canadian cousin, who periodically sent Mum a pile of McCall's magazines. The big excitement for my sister and me was the paper dolls and clothes that came with each one. And look what I found! Isn't the internet wonderful?

If you go to the site you can even download high quality versions so you can use them - and the great thing about that is you can also download TWO copies so you don't have to fight with your sister ever again!


Johanna Knox said...

Oooh, oooh, oooh!! What a find!!!

You must be so excited.

Now I feel inspired to scan in some of my old paper doll books and put them up. I wonder what the copyright issues are though ...

Johanna Knox said...

And wow, there are so many ... You could spend a long time at that website!!!

Cally said...

Yes - it's so much fun :) Who would have thought they'd be there? I don't even know why I looked for it other than I have become seriously addicted to googling :p And fun to discover that Betsy McCall started the year I was born - 1951.

skatey katie said...

ha! you ARE betsy!!! i first came across paper dolls when my darling auntie bought me a whole book when i was in hospital once - i think i was about eight. they were brilliant for just sitting in bed and recovering.. i wonder if that's where my addiction to Making Stuff started..? much love, have been so absent from blogland for so long x
PS word verification = MACtiv. *grin

Cally said...

It's good to see you back in bloggerland :)