Monday, June 20, 2011


Coming in to Ketchican

 The float planes aren't tourist features, they are an important part of local life. 


Ketchican was my favourite of the three towns we stopped at on the way to Juneau, not least because I got to meet Frances, an on-line friend who belongs to a Book Arts forum and who also makes beautiful jewellery. When we got into Ketchican there she was waiting for us, even though it was 7.30 on a Sunday morning, and she took us for coffee and a quick tour around the very pretty and historic town. She was lovely, and exactly how I imagined her. Thank you for everything, Frances.

Frances and Cally

The town from the top of the cable car

Bald headed eagle

Frances told us that at the right time of year this little stream is filled with salmon.

The old part of town.

The bottom of the cable car.

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