Monday, January 4, 2010

Bee Update

I have looked in my hive twice since Barbara came and helped me the first time. I sent off for another bee hat and another pair of gloves, and bought a second pair of overalls, thus making it possible for Mac to help me. He was very reluctant , but I wanted to put a second box onto the hive, as Barbara had suggested.

Mac's help with technology was very valuable, however, when it came to working out the coordinates of where exactly my hive is situated, and so now I am an official beekeeper, with my own nuber and all - C2019 - which is painted on all my boxes.

The bees have been very busy since then, drawing out lots of comb and filling it as they are meant to. Mac was most relieved when Steven and Heidi returned to live with us just before Christmas - although Steven wants nothing to do with the bees, Heidi is keen to help, and to learn more about these amazing creatures. Thank goodness for daughters-in-law!

1 comment:

Ngaio said...

hey, those boxes look good ! and so does Mac !
Am in New Plymouth for afew days, love it down here - the sea and mountain ..
My TB is going well, so much comb made in a week, I was amazed. Will get together with Barbara soon.