Thursday, August 27, 2009

Creating and Giving

I love creating things, and there are times when I am feeling down that I think that I would feel better if I could sell the things I make: that strangers finding my creations worth paying for would somehow make me a more worthwhile person. Well, I am moving towards trying to sell some of my books, but more of that in a week or two.

Most of the time though, I find making things for people I care about the most enjoyable. I love making things for a specific person who I know - personalizing them. It is as if, by making something while thinking of that special person, I am giving, not just a present that they will (hopefully) value, but actually giving them a little bit of me.

Recently I have made a gluten-free birthday cake

and a photo album for my #3 son's green-loving partner's 21st birthday,

and now I am making a pair of fingerless gloves

for my #2 son's wife, who loves pink and red (I just finished the first glove.)

These things make me feel so much better than selling to strangers.


Anonymous said...

Love the Green theme, and the fingerless gloves - wish i had had some when i was doign vege co-op - lol. Your love language is definitely gift giving - and you express your love really well!

hope we catch up agian sometime this month!
love eileen

Anonymous said...

I am claiming back my pink and redness, and you are helping. You go beyond acceptance, and actually give something which shows true support, whether it be colours, diet choices or anything. I really value that in you
- Heidi.