Sunday, June 21, 2009

Winter Solstice

Winter, spring, summer,
autumn, sometimes fall.

Falling into winter.
Never falling feet first
like the black cat,
green eyes shining.

No. I fall flat.
Not just flat on face,
but flat on legs
flat on back
flat on belly
flat; flattened
into the black earth
covered with the
chill blanket
of midwinter frost.

I fall down:
down side up
up side down
up side gone
down side down

Falling into winter
into the long dark
into the cold black
down side down

the light returns
up side rolls
over, slowly,
struggling to turn
up side up.

Even I feel the dark recede
just a little
up side rising

Shall I let up side up?
Can I let up side up?

up side is fleeting
up side is fickle
down side is down
but so very reliable

down side up
down side down

Up side up?
A Possibility?

Up side UP?

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