Monday, February 16, 2009

For Some Reasons.....

In Dinsdale there is a truly dreadful clothing shop that has had a sort of awful fascination for Jeff and me for over a year.

First we wonder who would buy clothes that are hideous and very badly made: yeah, sure they are cheap but even so.... However that is a minor point.

The big display windows in two sides of the building are totally covered in posters, excluding all possibility of natural light from the interior. About a third of the posters are the Christmas posters but they stay up all year round. The other two thirds are multiple copies of a poster that draws our attention every time we pass, and we laugh, not because it is funny, but because it is so, well, foolish. Who thought this up, and what did they think it meant?

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Chantal said...

Lisa and I stumbled upon this awful shop recently so I know exactly which shop you mean. I never had a camera with me, like you did, so you've proved that I wasn't imagining the Christmas stuff and strange posters...Horrible, claustrophobic shop. I ran gasping outside!