Friday, October 31, 2008


My son asked me to make him a new journal, which I did, and that kick started me to make my next year's diary, and to make myself a new journal as well.

The cover is pulled paste paper (ie paper spread with coloured paste, another sheet placed on top, pressed down and then pulled apart). The binding is two needle coptic.

The inside cover is a leaf rubbing using crayon, then dye washed.

I got carried away and stuck lots of 'bits' (paper, feathers, leaves, ribbon etc) on random pages, turning it into a bricolage journal, which is appropriate given the random nature of the thoughts that will be written in the book!

A scrap of glad-wrapped dyed paper.

Another scap of dye-washed crayon rubbing with paper flowers attached.

So that's the new journal - but I need a diary for 2009 as well.....

My 2009 dairy - cloth covered to be sturdy - I fell in love with the pukeko. One cheeky puke was looking through our ranch slider last week!

I print my own pages to get it the way I find most useful and again have random bits of my favourite papers scattered throughout.

And for the second year in a row, I have put one of this years birthday cards from a special friend around my birthday month.

Now I'm off to bed, and will be up early to go to a poetry workshop in Tauranga - if the workshop works I may have to come home and make another book to write my poetry in!

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