Monday, August 18, 2008

Green Muse

Haven't been able to make books lately, haven't been able to find the Muse. But my Simon's Rebecca is having a Green Party for her 20th, and that inspired me.

It's hard to see, but the cover is crayon rubbed over some stamps I made from card and string, then treated with gladwrap and dye. (Wet the paper, drop on lots of dye - probably not more that 2 or three colours, here I used just the one. Then spread cling wrap half as big again over the entire paper and scrunch up, pushing till all the paper is covered and there are lots of creases. Leave until completely dry before removing the cling wrap.)

The stamps are of 'rubber ducky' style ducks, which Bex collects, and I also stamped some randomly on the pages throughout the book.

It's lush, it's a sweet hint of spring, it's not only her favourite colour - it's mine too, and I don't really want to give this one away! Still I can make myself another, I guess.

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eileen said...

The book is lovely, I'm sure she'll love it. Oh for time to do some craft work myself - not that i ever reach your standard, but i did use to have fun trying!