Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Side Effects of Mothering

Imagine a life where you could tell people just what you think of them. It's so hard. It's hard to tell people the things you love about them - that's just not the kiwi way. Yet it feels so good when someone does it to me - though I can't help but feel suspicious and question their sincerity. It's just not the kiwi way to say nice things to others, is it?

Sadly, it seems easier for many of us to point out another person's faults and flaws - though often it's my own reflection in the other that I find myself objecting to.

But worst of all, is having to pretend friendship with someone because to tell the truth would damage people that I love. It would damage my children's friendships. It would damage my own friendships with others.

do you really think
that a superficial hug
a public air kiss
three chemically coloured
toxic smelling bath salts
and a cheap slave trafficker's
heart-shaped chocolate
is enough to save our friendship?

after years of manipulation
broken commitments
and a total lack of concern
for my well-being?
i suppose you thought
what's been good enough
for the last decade or so
will suffice.

but our friendship's
been dead and gone
a long long time.
it's real friendships
i'm trying to save
as i say 'thank you',
waiting till you've gone
to hear the satisfying thud

of cheap gifts and
even cheaper friendship
starting their journey to landfill


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